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Round Table Meeting of the Infrastructure Cooperation Network "FINUPHY"
Louvain-la-Neuve, 3-4 May 2004


Download the minutes of the Round Table Meeting (word)


Information on the recent developments within the European Nuclear Physics Research Infrastructures ( ppt part1 / ppt part2 / ppt part3 )

Exchanges on the future of the EURONS proposal by Alex Mueller ( ppt )

NuPECC : Mapping studies by Muhsin Harakeh ( ppt )

RTD Projects/Instrumentation by Rauno Julin ( pdf )

Heavy and Superheavy Elements by Gottfried Muenzenberg ( ppt )

High-resolution multielectron and multiphoton detector by Muhsin Harakeh ( ppt )

Practical Information
Click here for all the practical information regarding this meeting.

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