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Round Table Meeting of the Infrastructure Cooperation Network "FINUPHY"
Funchal, Madeira Island, Portugal, 9 February 2005


Download the minutes of the Round Table Meeting ( doc )


Talk on "Research Infrastructures" by Christian Kurrer
( PPT part I / PPT part II )

"The Tandem/ALTO facility" by Dominique Guillemaud-Mueller
( PPT )

Report on the hadrontherapy project ASCLEPIOS by Dominique Goutte ( PPT )

Report on SPIRAL2 by Dominique Goutte ( PPT )

The "KVI Transnational Access" facility by Mushin Harakeh
( PPT )

"Recent Progress at JYFL" by Rauno Julin ( PPT )

NuPECC : Mapping studies by Muhsin Harakeh ( PPT )

Report on "FINUPHY - Instrumentation for radioactive nuclear beam facilities" by Rauno Julin ( PPT )

"Status of FAIR and Heavy and Superheavy Elements" by Gottfried Muenzenberg ( PPT )

Report on the "Workshops - Status of FINUPHY project" by Mushin Harakeh ( PPT )

Practical Information
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