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Overall Organisation

Foreword by Prof. Jean Vervier
The Infrastructure Cooperation Network " Frontiers In NUclear PHYsics " (FINUPHY), supported by the European Commission(EC) under its Fifth Framework Programme(FP5), includes : representatives of the 12 Research Infrastructures(RI) in Nuclear Physics supported by the EC through Researcher Access contracts ; 6 representatives of their users ; the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee (NuPECC). It promotes collaboration and coordination between the RI in Nuclear Physics through regular Round Table Meetings and through Joint Scientific and Technological Activities and Studies.
Extending the activities of its predecessor within FP4 " Frontiers in Nuclear physics and Astrophysics " (FINA), it also promotes mutual information on the advancements in the Research and Technical Developments (RTD) programmes in Nuclear Physics supported by the EC under FP5. FINUPHY also prepares its successor under FP6, i.e. an " Integrated Infrastructure Initiative in Nuclear Structure " (I3NS).

Contract nameFrontiers In NUclear PHYsics
Contract acronymFINUPHY
Contract numberHPRI-CT-1999-40004
Contract coordinatorProfessor Jean VERVIER
Telephone N+32-10-473273 (Secretary)
+32-10-416596 (Home)
Fax N+32-10-452183
E-mail[email protected]
Start dateOctober 1, 2000
End dateSeptember 30, 2004
Duration48 months
Programme typeFifth Framework Programme, Improving Human Potential, Enhancing Access to Research Infrastructures, Infrastructure Cooperation Network

Group of Representatives
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