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An Integrated Infrastructure Initiative in Nuclear Structure (I3NS)

General Presentation
The new Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) of the European Commission (EC) will be significantly different from the Fifth one (FP5) in that the EC wishes to receive a single integrated proposal from the various scientific fields rather than separate ones. These so-called Integrated Infrastructure Initiatives (I3) would combine : the Transnational Researcher Access ; the Research and Technical Developments (RTD), now called Joint Research Projects ; and the Networking elements of FP5, e.g. the present FINUPHY. Information on these I3 can be found at the following EC web site :
Following extensive discussions on how such a combined bid could be coordinated, the Nuclear Physics European Collaboration Committee NuPECC has invited FINUPHY to present, in the spring of 2003, a proposal for an Integrated Infrastructure Initiative in Nuclear Structure (I3NS). A writing committee for this I3NS has been designated within FINUPHY and includes : Rafal Broda, Krakow, Poland ; Graziano Fortuna, Legnaro, Italy ; Brian Fulton, York, United Kingdom ; Dominique Goutte, GANIL, France ; Walter Henning, GSI, Germany ; Jean Vervier, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
This I3NS will thus include Joint Reseach Projects (JRP). A call for such JRP has been placed on the NuPECC web site :, and on the present site. The writing committee of the I3NS proposal will coordinate the JRP proposals, seek advice from NuPECC if necessary, and include those selected proposals in the I3NS general proposal.

Call for Joint Research Projects ( pdf / word )
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